*  No Registration Fees to be paid by the Applicant.

*  Only one category per application (you can apply for more than one category).  

*  Registration "Open to all" anyone over 13 years of age (If Applicant is under 18yrs of age, Application form must be           filled by Parents or Guardians.

* If committee find that details provided by you are untrue or false your application will be cancelled immediately.

* IAA committee / judges decision will be FINAL regarding the applicants selection and IAA Decision can not be                 challenged in any way.  

* You must submit the following with your application :    

       1. 3 different but recent photos 4" x 6"            

       2. 3 different audio/video clips of minimum 1 minutes each  (only performing arts needs to submit)                                                            or                

           3 different but recent creative work done by you/company/organization (only non performing arts needs to                         submit)            

       4. Brief description If you/company/organization/community            

       5. 30 seconds video clip of your act for marketing purposes

       6. 15 seconds video clip for voting appeal  

* All applicants will be notified if they have been selected for the Voting stage  

* All Winners will be selected by 100% voting system (100% voting = 20% weightage of online voting + 80% weightage of   TEXT message voting)

        - Online Voting will open between 01/08/2015 - 30/08/2015)    

        - TEXT message Voting will open between 15/08/2015 - 15/09/2015)  

* All Applicants need to promote themselves to get votes for IRISH ARTSIST AWARD (IAA) 2015.  

* All applicants must be available on the Award Night Saturday, 19th September 2015.  

* All data provided by applicant can be used for digital/social/print media marketing by the BJ Production and sister         companies but we will not open or discuss your personal details to any third party.  

* All photos/Audios/Videos taken or recorded before or on the event day will remain company property and all rights         reserved by the company.  

* If required you can send your Documents, Video and Audio Clips Via Dropbox or Google Drive links to                     

 Voting will commence on 1st August 2015 through out into mid of September 2015.

 Check out our Facebook page for updates -